Qless is a surprising and new collaboration of Wim Dijkgraaf – harmonica, Tim Langedijk – guitar, and Marc van Rooij – double bass.

The musicians have jazz as a mutual background, but besides jazz they practice a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from pop to tango to classical to Brasilian.

A rich soil for the music of Qless, where all these backgrounds blend in a unique way. The instruments merge in an awesome manner,  irresistably, the music is both intense and intimate at the same time. The repertoire consists of original and existing compositions.

Qless is more!

Qless is a gorgeous trinity with catchy compositions by the three members. Thought from tradition, but with a beautiful comtemporary sauce. Great soloing, relaxed, fun, and close to the audience.’ – Jeroen Doomernik (programmeur Willem Twee Concertzaal)

It is great to see and hear these musicians play their very tasteful repertoire, so unconcerned and from the soul.’ – Jan Dumée

Wow!’ – Aron Raams

Great playing, beautiful sound, fantastic music.’ – Frank Möbus





















Wim Dijkgraaf

Wim Dijkgraaf studied composition and lived in Brasil for 10 years, where he intensively joined the versatile music scene. He has earned a reputation as an innovative musical mind who is well-versed in merging the contemporary with the classical.


Marc van Rooij

Marc van Rooij loves laying the foundation under jazz, classical or tango, and all the other  expressive possibilities his bass offers. He joins the Rob van Bavel Trio, plays in the Dutch symphony orchestras, but also in the theaters with a.o. Toon Hermans. He composes and arranges, and teaches at the conservatories of The Hague and Tilburg.

Tim Langedijk

Tim Langedijk is well known for his intriguing soundworlds, beautiful melodic lines and subtle harmonies. He is a sought after jazzplayer and leads his own trio, but also in studios he is very much in demand as a session guitarist in very different styles. He toured and recorded with Jasper van ’t Hof, Maria Mendes, Laura Fygi a.m.o.


+31 6 245 135 44

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